Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an under appreciated art form. With algorithms that change frequently you need an expert that can keep up in order to make sure your message is getting put in front of your audience. Nearly 80% of Americans currently use social media on a daily basis meaning it can be a great tool for your business if done correctly.

Our team specializes in creating content, targeting potential customers, and keeping up with the constant evolution of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Whether you are a service based business or sell products online and in store we create successful campaigns.

97% of adults between the ages 16-64 say they logged onto at least one social network in the past month Social media and messaging accounts for roughly 1 in every 3 minutes users spend on the internet 73.4% of users follow a brand because they’re interested in the product or service 50% of millennials use the internet to research products before purchasing Ad spend on social media is on pace to outgrow TV ad spend for the first time 89% of social media messages to brands go ignored 79% of All Internet Users Are On Facebook 68% of US adults between the ages 18-29 are on Facebook Facebook ad revenue in the US is expected to outpace total print ad spending by 2019 35% of Instagram users check Instagram multiple times a day and 51% open the app daily Gender comparisons show online females are 38% more likely to use Instagram over men (26%) Instagram drives the most engagement per post compared to any social network–84 times more than Twitter, 54 times more than Pinterest and 10 times more than Facebook 47% of marketers agreed Twitter was the best social media channel for customer engagement

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While Facebook garners a lot of negative press it is necessary for businesses to leverage the platform to meet their marketing goals. 79% of Americans currently use Facebook, Instagram at 32% comes in a distant second, meaning you have to be where your potential customers are.

Do you know when the optimal time to post is? Do you know what type of content is most likely to have engagement? We’ve been working in the social media space for nearly 10 years now and are ready to leverage our experience to meet your objectives.

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Twitter is perhaps the most difficult social media platform from a marketing stand point. Having a presence on twitter is important yet can be frustrating to business owners due to the fact that it’s not exactly known as a direct results platform. We help our clients utilize twitter for promoting sales or events and resolving customer service issues.


Instagram is the newest darling in the world of social media marketing. Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a great way to promote your brand, products, and services to a younger generation. 59% of users are under the age of 30 and in June of 2018 surpassed a billion users. 24 minutes is the average time each day a user over the age of 25 spends on the platform, users under the age of 25 spend an average of 32 minutes per day.

Needless to say if you’re not currently utilizing the platform we need to talk! We can create the perfect Instagram campaign for your business, let us show you how.

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Pinterest is the most under utilized social media channel by businesses in our experience. This is a HUGE mistake! Pinterest provides unique opportunities for the majority of clients we work with, such as backlinks and brand awareness.

When we manage your Pinterest page we focus on building awareness of your products and services by visually highlighting through images. When done correctly Pinterest will produce new leads and sales on a consistent basis for any business and can have a dramatic impact on search rankings!

Content Creation

Our staff of copywriters can help create unique and engaging content for you social media channels in addition to the advice that your digital marketing strategist can provide. Our Search Marketing packages include content that can be used to help tell your business’ story, while providing value to your customers.

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Custom Targeting

Perhaps the most important aspect of social media marketing is the availability to target your ideal customer like never before. Social media platforms have treasure troves of user data that can be used to target by interests, job titles, geography, demographics, and much more. We consistently run A/B tests with each campaign we run to gather even more data we can use to make our programs successful for our clients. In some occasions we have been able to replace or supplement client’s expensive paid search ad spend from Bing and Google with paid social media budgets that out perform at lower costs.

Our Workflow…

Every campaign is different , however our approach is the same to nearly every project we take on. We start with our initial consultation, then move to keyword and competitor research after discussing your business and unique needs in more detail. After the research is completed we create a custom strategy based on our findings and review the potential campaign with you and your team.

After this process it’s usually safe to assume that we are on the same page with regards to responsibilities, goals, and meaningful performance metrics. Each month we will then review with you the progress we have made to reaching your goals and any changes we feel necessary to improve campaign performance.

What you need to provide…

We work as a team with our clients involved in the process. In order to make sure your campaign is a success we need our client’s to make time available as needed, provide requested forms, documents, images, etc. in a timely manner.

Most importantly though is we need open and honest communication from our clients regarding the campaign’s performance!