Our Process

Everybody says they are consultants or that they take a consultative approach. These are just sales terms other companies use to get in the door and hopefully be granted a meeting. They seem to think that by asking a few questions they are being “consultative” or are doing market research.

Unfortunately after you sign up with these so called SEO and Digital Marketing consultants you’ll have a hard time reaching them. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll have an account manager who is reachable at certain hours to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

With Brodie Interactive you aren’t working with a “consultant”, you’re working with a partner. We view all of our clients as business partners because our success is a direct result of their success. We require constant communication amongst all channels to ensure that we are all on the same page working towards common goals.

Request a free consultation and see what sets us apart from other so called internet marketing consultants. An initial consultation usually only lasts 20-30 minutes so you have nothing to lose!

Initial Consultation

This meeting can make or break a campaign. We’ve found that over the years business owners have almost been trained to hold back important details of their business, what’s really worked in the past, and what realistic expectations should be. This is due to working with companies who were founded in traditional media and then moved into digital media as consumers changed how they consume media. With traditional media many rates were negotiated on past performance giving the business owner no incentive to share important details for fear of risking large rate increases.

To break the cycle our digital marketing strategists will not only review what we do and how we do it, that’s kind of expected. We also will show real results from satisfied clients and give referrals that can be followed up on. We will layout in detail how we achieved those results and the commitment it took from those clients.

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Market Research

After our initial consultation we dig in to your market. We look at the competitive landscape, what your competition is currently doing, audit your current digital presence, keyword research, and baseline your current results versus what we believe is possible. We try to gain as much insight into your business and industry so that we can begin formulating a sound marketing strategy.


Once our market research is completed we will begin laying out a campaign strategy that we expect to produce results for your business. We promise you will not be left in the dark at any stage but especially during this one. We need your approval in order to move forward because after all, it is your business! It’s very important that everyone is on the same page during the campaign, otherwise results will be affected.

We don’t believe in making unilateral decisions that can have a large impact on your bottom line. We’re big believers in applying the principles of sales funnels to our marketing strategies. In order to do this properly we need to craft customized messages for all stages of the buying cycles and in many cases this includes special offers or incentives.

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Once a comprehensive strategy has been agreed upon we take care of the rest. Our team of experts will launch your campaign, setup necessary tracking, create content schedules, fine tune site design, and begin the process of optimizing for performance. Now you will have time to focus on other things than your digital marketing. You could say we sell our clients time.


This is the part of marketing campaign where the rubber meets the road. No matter the project we continue to optimize during its lifecycle. The digital media landscape constantly changes and evolves, so should your marketing efforts. The more successful your campaign the more effort that needs to go into maintaining it’s success, trust us, your competition will be working just as hard to gain your market share.

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Digital Marketing is an investment, like any investment you make you want to see performance. We make it easy for you to keep tabs on how your campaign is performing. If we’re building a website you will be given a link to see your site design in real time so that revisions can be made quickly resulting in quick turn around times.

For any monthly campaign project you will be given access to our backend reporting dashboard that will let you see all of your digital marketing efforts in one place. If you have gotten used to analytics sites such as Google Analytics we’ve got you covered there as well. We’ll implement Google Tag Manager and tie it into your current analytics account so that you can continue using reporting systems that you are used to without bogging down your site with additional tracking scripts.

Monthly Meeting

We stand by our work which is why we can meet at the end of each month and look you in the eye. Over the years we’ve had experiences that have shaped our belief of being accountable for the work we do.

Plenty of companies will duck their clients calls, avoid meetings, refuse to give details, and even show results in some cases. This is just bad practice, we take our commitment to your business seriously. We understand it’s not only your business but it’s your livelihood, just as our business is our livelihood. Your success is our success and should be celebrated along the way. If the campaign isn’t performing as expected we need to find out why immediately, this isn’t going to happen by sitting in an office avoiding the situation.

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We’re Never Satisfied

We’re competitive…Even if it’s just with ourselves. We’re always pushing to improve the campaigns we manage every month and put the same effort in whether it’s the first month or the seventy first!

Our Goals…

Our goals are your goals! While this is true it’s also a very generic statement if we’re being honest. Our goals for every single campaign we work on is to show measurable results and make a positive impact on your bottom line by increasing your revenue and sales.

Beyond these results we work with our clients to layout key performance indicators that we can optimize our campaigns for. This allows both our strategists and our client to come up with achievable goals beyond just sales and revenue. We encourage our team to look at the big picture and long term implications of our current efforts.

Month after month we not only compete with your competitors but we compete with ourselves, our mantra is Do Better after all!

What We Need You To Provide…

The most important thing we need from our clients is communication. Unfortunately we can’t be in your place of business 24/7 to understand any changes in real time. As things change (and they will), we need to know about both our success and our failures so that we can maintain proper optimization techniques that focus on the key performance metrics we discuss in our initial consultation, our market research, and our monthly meetings.

Our industry changes very rapidly, in 2016 Google made over 1,600 algorithm changes alone. Because of this we try to stay in communication with our clients and request that when we ask for materials, reports, etc. that we receive these immediately to help us do our job effectively.