Client Questionnaire

Client input is the foundation on which successful websites are built. Additional time spent on up-front planning will save you time and money in the long run by assuring that long-term objectives are not in conflict with short-term solutions.

This questionnaire will help your company to confirm and identify the overall goals of your site design, including specific questions regarding message, audience, content, technology platform, look and feel, and required vs. desired functionality.

As your web designer, we will be happy to help you answer each of the questions in a thorough, but brief and clear manner. Should you see a need, Brodie Interactive stands ready and willing to sign any relevant Non-Disclosure Agreements in order to make you feel comfortable in sharing appropriate information.

When responding please refrain from delving too deeply into topics that will be covered in other sections, as they will likely be covered later on. If a topic is not covered, you will have a chance at the end of the document to add additional comments.

The completion of this and other relevant surveys is part of the Discovery Process, a key step towards professional web development planning. It is also the foundation of our partnership with you, and the thought-spring from which we will draw the necessary information needed to bring your web dreams to life.

This questionnaire should take 30-60 minutes to complete.