Email Setup

To Configure Your cPanel Email Addresses with Mail Clients

  1. Go to, where is your domain name.
  2. Log in to your email address with supplied login info
  3. After initial login you can change password (located in drop down menu in top right hand corner)
  4. Click Configure Mail Client.
  5. Next to the mail client you want to use, click the link in the Protocols column.
  6. Follow any instructions or run any files that download to complete the configuration.

If the mail client or device you want to use isn’t listed, you can use the Manual Settings listed toward the bottom of the page.

Typical Settings

If you can’t access the cPanel interface to complete these steps, these are the typical settings it uses:

Field Value

Username Your email address 

*Don’t have your email address? Send us a message and we’ll send it to you asap (if you don’t have one setup tell us the email addresses you need created in the message)


Your email account’s password

*If you don’t have your account’s password, Send us a message and we’ll send it to you asap.

Incoming Server mail.[your domain name]

Incoming Ports

IMAP — 143 POP — 110

Outgoing Server mail.[your domain name]

SMTP (Outgoing) Port

25 (587 or 80 might also work)