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Have you heard the saying “Content is King”? It may sound belliose but it is not an overstatement by any stretch. Content marketing is an important aspect of any successful digital marketing campaign. Content can include blogging, both on site and guest blogging, videos, tutorials, infographs, and much more.

The types of content marketing are virtually limitless and that’s where we come in. Our content marketing experts  are able to execute the campaign strategy created by your digital marketing strategist.

Our strategists take the time to research your business, competitors, and your industry to find opportunities that will help increase brand awareness, lead generation, and revenue. Fresh and useful content is also heavily weighted factor into search engine rankings. This makes it even more important that you have a company that specializes in creating the right content that will engage your targeted audience, creating a loyal customer base that drives profitable interactions.

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Our Workflow…

Time is of the essence when it comes to digital marketing. The longer it takes to publish a project the longer it takes to see results. Since many of our content marketing projects are time sensitive due to promotions, seasonality, or current events, it is imperative to have a quick turnaround time.

Our creative team normally takes anywhere from 24 hours up to 7 days depending on the scope of the project. Since each project is custom there will be different procedures and standards, such as conference calls or video chats with our creative staff, on site photography or videography, or working with a client’s marketing and promotion staff.

What you need to provide…

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround for our content marketing services. In order to publish content in a timely fashion we need any materials requested or needed in order to complete the project as soon as possible. We create a Google Drive account for each client to make the process quick and easy. Simply upload the requested materials and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once our team has the needed materials they will keep in touch with you during the process to make sure we meet your expectations. No content marketing project will be published without prior approval from you.